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Bulgaria to pressure EU over food quality discrepancies

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Bulgaria has lent its weight behind eastern European findings presented to the European Union showing discrepancies in the quality of identical food products sold in both east and west European countries.

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The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary criticised international food companies earlier this year for what agricultural ministers have dubbed a double standard in the quality of foods sold to eastern European consumers.

And now, Bulgarian officials found similar discrepancies and, along with the Visegrad Four, vow to press the European Union.

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Rumen Porozhanov said laboratory tests found different ingredients in seven of 31 food products sold in his country and in Austria and Germany. The experts also found 16 of the tested food items were sold at higher prices than in other EU countries.

Although Porozhanov did not specifically name which products food quality officials tested, examinations were carried out in May on various meat, dairy, baby food, juice and chocolate foods.

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