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Canada culls cattle from 18 farms to stop TB

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced plans to focus on a single farming operation following the cull of cattle from 18 farms the agency declared to be infected with bovine TB.

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However, the number of infected cattle remains at six, and all six cattle were from the same farming operation.

CFIA culled all of the cattle that reacted to the initial screening test, and then conducted enhanced post-mortem examinations that included more detailed inspection for the presence of lesions related to bovine TB.

The agency said the investigation revealed a low risk that the disease was further transmitted by the cattle that co-mingled with the cattle from the infected farming operation on a community pasture.

CFIA also eliminated the risk of further spread of bovine TB since all mature cattle were culled.

The CFIA is now turning its investigation to tracing activities to one farming operation.

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