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Canada to invest $2 million in beef research

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The Canadian government, with the Beef Farmers of Ontario, is supporting research into feed efficiency in beef cattle with a $2 million investment.

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The research will be conducted at the Elora Beef Research Centre, which will undergo an expansion supported by a $12.4 million investment by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and rural Affairs.

The goal of the research is to enhance the genetic profiling of eastern Canada cattle herds to improve feed efficiency. Feed costs account for 25 percent of beef input costs, and industry studies have shown that a one percent improvement in feed efficiency can result in annual savings of $11.1 million for producers.

“The Beef Farmers of Ontario is extremely appreciative of the federal government’s contribution to new research projects and equipment at the Elora Beef Research Centre,” said Joe Hill, vice president of Beef Farmers of Ontario.

Lloyd Longfield (Guelph), member of Parliament and the House of Commons Standing Committee for Agriculture and Agri-Food, said “I am glad to see this world-class beef hub taking shape, supported by the federal and provincial governments.

“This research at the Univ. of Guelph is designed to result in long-term savings for the beef sector.”

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