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Canadian fruit growers to benefit with insurance enhancements

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The Governments of Canada and British Columbia (B.C.) announced today changes to the AgriInsurance - Production Insurance program.

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It will help BC tree fruit growers manage the risk of crop losses by hail, spring frost, excessive rain, flooding, drought and wind.

In 2017, the calculation of depreciation is changing for quality loss claims (i.e. hail damage). This will help improve the predictability of claims, better reflect the true value of losses and will more accurately align with the picking and abandonment decisions growers make when crops are severely damaged.

There is no cost increase to the new calculation and the change applies to all tree fruit crops, except cherries.

Wind will be added as a "quality peril" to the BC Production Insurance program. Fruit damaged by wind and remaining on the tree will be adjusted the same as hail damage.

There will also be changes for cherry growers including additional coverage for new cherry plantings and the time between purchasing quality coverage and coverage coming into effect is being extended from two days to four days.

Tree fruit producers will receive their production insurance renewal packages in the mail in October 2016.

The deadline for new applications and renewals is November 30, 2016. Tree fruit crops eligible for purchase of production insurance coverage include: apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums and prunes.

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