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Canadian government expand support to corn farmers impacted by plant disease

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The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have heard farmers’ concerns and are responding with new steps to improve the corn production insurance plan.

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A new tiered corn salvage benefit will be introduced in support of requests from farmers who dealt with deoxynivalenol (DON) in their corn crop last year due to wet weather.

The new tiered salvage benefit will more accurately reflect the additional costs associated with harvesting and handling corn affected by DON and help producers trying to find a market for it.

The support, provided under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, will begin in the 2019 crop year for eligible corn farmers, and the salvage benefit is expanded to include organic corn producers.

In addition to the supports to help manage the impacts of DON, the Ontario government also hosted two roundtable sessions with industry representatives to work on connecting farmers with mental health supports and to provide solutions to help the sector find alternate markets for high-DON corn.

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