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Cheese tops dairy exports from Armenia

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During the first seven months of 2016 Armenia produced 13,000 tons of cheese, 3,600 tons of yoghurt, 3,500 tons of sour cream, 550 tons of cottage cheese, 317 million liters of milk, and 7 million liters of ice cream.

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These figures are provided by the country’s National Statistical Service (NSS).

When compared to the same period last year, cheese production increased by 19.1%, milk by 2.7%, and sour cream by 3.2%.

Yoghurt production decreased by 3.8%, cottage cheese by 5.3%, and ice cream by 10.6%.

When it comes to Armenian diary exports, cheese and cottage cheese top the list.

The NSS reports that Armenia exported 3,300 tons of cheese and cottage during the first half of 2016 at a customs value of US$8.4 million. (The NSS, for some unknown reason, lumps the two products together)

Nevertheless, given the smaller production amounts of cottage cheese, most of the exports in this category consists of cheese.

The primary market for Armenian cheese is Russia, with smaller quantities this year to the USA and Georgia.

Cheese and cottage cheese exports skyrocketed in 2015, despite complaints from cheesemakers regarding less than conducive market conditions.

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