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Chicken war: U.S. seeks WTO sanctions on India

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The US is seeking trade sanctions against India after winning a dispute at the World Trade Organization regarding Indian restrictions on import of American poultry meat, eggs and pigs, the WTO said.

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The US has requested a WTO meeting on July 19 to launch the claim for compensation, according to an agenda circulated by the WTO.

The agenda did not give any details, but the U.S. Trade Representative’s office has previously said US annual exports of poultry meat to India could exceed $300 million.

The US won the dispute last June, when the WTO’s Appellate Body ruled that India’s restrictions were discriminatory and based on unsubstantiated fears over bird flu.

The U.S. argued that it had not had an outbreak of high pathogenic avian flu since 2004, while India had 90 such outbreaks.

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