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Colombian producers abandon mangoes in field due to lack of sales

Christian Fernsby |
Mango producers from Cienaga, Magdalena, have left the mangoes they had already harvested abandoned in the fields.

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The overproduction of this fruit has caused a saturation of the markets and prices have collapsed.

As a result, many producers in the region have decided to abandon the fruit in the fields, even if it had already been harvested, due to the impossibility of obtaining profits.

Cienaga is also facing another crisis, as the main fruits grown in the area are the mango and lemon, and the lemon crops have suffered a serious attack of the HLB bacterial disease.

There are approximately 5,000 producers affected by the crisis of these crops in the agricultural regions of Cienaga and Sevillano.

Faced with the problem posed by the overproduction of mango and its consequences for the region's wealth and employment, government institutions have proposed building a canning and processing plant for mangoes, with a pulper, in Cienaga.

Despite it being a good idea that would serve to take advantage of production and increase its added value, no work has yet been started.

The local cooperative Asofrucol, lamented the current need to reduce the amount of labor required for the cultivation of mangoes.

During the harvest, the sector has created 6 thousand jobs over three months, since the end of March.

This region produces the sugar and hilaza mango varieties, which are well-known in Colombia.

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