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Crimea seeks milk shipments from Ukraine's southern regions

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Crimea badly needs milk and is attempting to secure supplies from regions in southern Ukraine, the press service of the Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry has reported, referring to director of the food department Mykola Moroz.

"Finished food of unknown quality is now brought from Russia to Crimea. Fresh milk supplies are necessary. It is impossible to transport milk without food additives and antibiotics. The quality of the milk is questionable," Moroz said.

He said only 25% of demand for beef and 29% for pork on the Crimean market is currently being met.

"Ukraine satisfied demand for sugar products in full. There were almost no sugar stocks in Crimea when the peninsula was occupied. As of February 2014, only 4% of sunflower oil stocks were available," Moroz said.

Free Crimea predicts that in 2016 Crimea will need to import 50% of milk, 33% of meat and 27% of eggs to meet consumption demands. Products manufactured in Crimea satisfy only 35% of the peninsula's total food requirements.