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Crops in Cyprus could be destroyed within a few days

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Even if rain fall on in Cyprus, it will do little to reverse the slow growth of this year’s wheat crops.

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This is according to the head of the Pancyprian Association of Wheat Producers, Kyriacos Kkailas, Phileleftheros reported.

Producers say that in the best possible scenario, wheat will grow although less grain will be produced. In the worst case scenario of no rain whatsoever, the crops will be utterly destroyed within a few days and all will be lost.

Wheat crops have completed 50% of their life cycle without adequate rain, resulting in stunted growth. With weather forecasts talking of very few rains between now and April, Kkailas is wondering if harvesting machines will even come out this year.

In terms of numbers, Kkailas says Cyprus’ livestock farmers are looking at a 30% increase in production costs, while wheat producers are will be hit hard as they still recovering from a really bad year in 2014, despite a better harvest in 2015.

Farmers are still waiting to receive money from last year’s subsidy scheme of the Agriculture Insurance Organisation (OGA). As things stand now, Kkailas does not exclude the possibility of an organised protest in the near future.

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