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Cuba works to achieve food security

Christian Fernsby |
The agricultural sector in Cuba is working to achieve food security through local food production and import substitution, Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, minister of the sector, said.

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He told parliamentarians that some of the actions taken in this regard are related to increasing the production and productivity of corn and beans, through the Cooperative Rural Development Project in the eastern region of the country, and the Livestock Development Project in the province of Camaguey.

Rodriguez Rollero also pointed out that for the development of agriculture in the country there are five mixed enterprises, three of them linked to tobacco, one to rice and another to the production and processing of citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables.

There are also several projects for foreign investment in the sector aimed at benefiting the production of large and small livestock, energy production from renewable sources, pine oil, citrus and fruit, and quality analytical services for bee production, however, faster negotiations are needed, he commented.

The country has external loans of more than 400 million dollars, which support bio-pesticide plants, crop houses, irrigation, equipment and machinery for the development of livestock, the minister explained.

Work is ongoing to diversify the sector's exports, which in 2019 amounted to 355 million dollars, with outstanding products such as twisted tobacco, coffee, charcoal, honey and beekeeping products; and fruits and citrus fruits are to be gradually incorporated, he continued.

The approval of the export pole of Ceballos, in Ciego de Avila, is a reference and recently the spread of this experience was authorized in all the provinces of the country, due to the importance that constitutes the sale of quality products abroad that generate income for the development of the economy, Rodriguez Rollero concluded.

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