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Defra launches Plant Health Portal

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A new "data portal," otherwise known as a website, will provide easier access to plant health information that will help farmers and foresters assess and respond to threats.

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Defra launched its Plant Health Portal, a website which aims to improve access to data on plant pests and diseases.

The government said its new portal will make it easier for plant health professionals to share and use vital information on plant pests and diseases, and hopefully take action to tackle them.

The idea was first put forward in the 2014 Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain, which provided an overview of activity taking place across the UK to improve plant biosecurity.

It gives access to a wide range of information about plant health from Government agencies, charity and third sector groups and academic organisations like the Royal Horticultural Society.

Commenting on the site’s launch, chief plant health officer Nicola Spence said, "The portal is an important tool in upholding good biosecurity—and part of the £37 million we are investing in tree health research from 2012 to 2019 to build the resilience of our trees and plants.

"While we can’t eliminate all risks, we have stringent plans to deal with threats that are detected, and the portal will help make sure we are up-to-date, well-informed and effective."

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