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DIXY of Moscow got first direct shipment of bananas from Ecuador

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The DIXY chain of stores in Moscow has received the first direct delivery of bananas. Bypassing intermediaries, the goods are reaching the chain directly from Ecuador.

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Bananas are the best selling product at the "neighborhood" stores not only in the category of fruits but within the entire matrix of the selection on offer: within a week, the customers buy more than 1000 tons.

The first delivery has already been distributed among the "neighborhood" stores.

Direct imports of fresh fruits and vegetables have been the subject of development the "neighborhood" stores chain for the past six years now.

As of today, the share of deliveries conducted without the participation of a distributive element may reach almost one-half of all imports of fruits and vegetables, depending on the season.

The chain is conducting planned work in this direction and intends to at least double the number of direct contracts. Priority in procurement continues to be accorded to domestic producers, and the company still develops cooperation with domestic partners.

The new opportunities for imports are assured by a well-developed logistical infrastructure of DIXY. Today, it includes eight distribution centers and its own fleet of about 800 trucks that make it possible to maintain a high level of delivery centralization – over 90 percent.