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Drought could cost Danish agriculture sector billions

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The ongoing heatwave and the drought could cost Danish farmers billions – the last time Denmark saw this little rain was in 1992, when agricultural output fell by 23 percent.

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“We’ve had the hottest May since national forecaster DMI began registering temperatures and, as opposed to the summer of 1992, we have a water deficit that is about 50 percent higher now,” Troels Toft, a spokesperson for SEGES, the scientific centre for food and agriculture, told TV2 News.

Toft also maintained that because the drought is taking place so early in the summer, the lack of water for crops like wheat, barley and rapeseed will lead to a smaller grain size.

Should the drought lead to the same output as was the case in 1992, the farmers will probably lose around 6 billion kroner and many farmers will face bankruptcy.

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