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Ecuador allows imports of in vitro banana plants

Christian Fernsby |
Now these imports are allowed again, the first batch of in vitro banana plants have arrived in Ecuador.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), through Agrocalidad, suspended purchases of this plant material abroad for a month and 23 days. It was a phytosanitary measure before the regional alert on the fungus Fusarium race 4.

But on August 22 issued resolution 0164 to reopen the borders. The baby plants arrived in small plastic containers, under totally sterile conditions. There are 210,000 specimens from Costa Rica and Honduras.

Only three laboratories in these countries were certified in situ and obtained the phytosanitary permits for importing in vitro musaceae plants.

Agrocalidad only authorized the purchase of plant material from the Agribiotechnology and Cristal Vitro companies in Costa Rica; and to Galiltec, from Honduras.

These add to five others that produce and sell locally, such as Sebioca and Orange Lab. To achieve this certification, all suppliers, including local ones, had to comply with biosafety measures in laboratories and nurseries.

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