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Ecuador reopens its market to Peruvian grapes

Christian Fernsby |
The agreement reached between Peru's National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) and Ecuador's Animal and Plant Health Service (Agrocalidad) will allow Peruvian producers to resume exporting table grapes to Ecuador starting this year.

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The time Peru exported grapes to Ecuador was in the 2015-2016 season, when it shipped 7,130.65 tons of Peruvian grapes to that destination.

"The dialogue with Agrocalidad has been fruitful. The phytosanitary requirements that Peruvian producers must meet to resume table grape exports to Ecuador will be published in the coming weeks," said the national head of Senasa, Miguel Quevedo Valle. "There is also interest in reaching agreements to export onions and custard apple to this market," he added.

Senasa and Agrocalidad will exchange technical information on onions to establish the requirements to resume exports to Ecuador. The interest is to reach an agreement that benefits Peruvian producers, who in 2013 managed to send 52,261 tons of onions to Ecuador; the last shipments were made in 2014.

The main destinations for Peruvian onions are Colombia, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Senasa and Agrocalidad will develop a work plan proposal to allow exports of custard apples, whose main destinations are Bolivia and Italy.

In this case, Ecuador would be a new market for the producers of Lima, Cajamarca, Apurimac, and Junin.

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