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Ecuador to export mangos to China by plane

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Sergio Cedeño, president of the Mango Ecuador Foundation, has said that from the next harvest they will begin exporting the fruit to China.

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They will be exporting by plane until a sufficient transportation system is set up on ships.

Cedeño explained that exports will be made by air because of the distance; ships take 35 days to reach China, “The mango is a sensitive fruit. It’s not like bananas that can arrive anytime. In a maximum of 20 days, it begins to suffer from softness and other drawbacks.“

The cost of air freight is four dollars a kilo “export boxes are small, and carry up to four kilos and can only carry, depending on size, 8 mangos, when they are large or 14 when they are small.”

Planes will begin by carrying 10,000 boxes. When a proven system of controlled atmosphere is created for shipping, the fruit will be transported by sea.