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Egg producers in Canada transitioning away from conventional housing

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Egg Farmers of Canada announced a transition from what it calls conventional egg production towards other production methods.

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Egg Farmers of Canada is a grower group representing more than 1,000 Canadian egg farms.

Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada, Peter Clarke, said he was “pleased that the entire industry has agreed to an orderly transition plan” that will do away with conventional housing.

Currently, about 90 percent of Canadian egg production is in conventional housing. They expect the conversion to be 50 percent complete in eight years to production practices including enriched housing, free-run or free-range.

Under the plan, to be overseen by a national working group in collaboration with the entire egg supply chain, all production would transition to other methods by 2036 assuming the current market conditions prevail.

The group also says the industry hopes to discuss with stakeholders and consumers the benefits of enriched housing, which they say do not seem to be well or widely understood outside of the industry. The group considered the benefits to include food safety, the minimization of mortality, cannibalism, and other aggressive behaviors.

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