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Egypt: 20% increase in fresh produce prices after removal of subsidies

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Vegetable and fruit prices in Cairo have recorded an increase of about 20%, and rose in conjunction with the rise in prices of transport and freight, which are up by 50%.

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This is a result of the government's decision to lift subsidies on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Transportation accounts for about 35 % of the transport costs of fruit and vegetables.

Vegetable and fruit prices have increased to different extents, depending on the product.

A kilo of potatoes, for example, is sold at a price of 8.5 pounds, compared to 7 pounds earlier; a kilo of onions now costs 8 pounds instead of 7 pounds; the price of a kilo of green peppers stands at 8 pounds compared to 7.5 pounds earlier, and courgettes now cost 7 pounds instead of 6 pounds.

Tomatoes are currently sold at a price of 3.5 pounds, compared to 3 pounds before the increase.

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