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Egyptian onions originally intended for Saudi Arabia somehow ended up in Ukraine

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EastFruit analysts report that onion suppliers from Egypt and Turkey, who have been offering their products for delivery to the ports of Ukraine, have become more active this week.

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Most likely, those onions were originally intended for export to Saudi Arabia, but alternative markets have had to be sought after Saudi Arabia banned the supply of onions from Egypt on January 18.

According to market participants, despite the fact that onion prices in the EU are higher than in Ukraine and Russia, Egyptian exporters are trying to sell it here, since the onions don't meet the strict safety criteria of the European Union.

It is precisely because of the excessive content of pesticide residues that the supply of Egyptian onions to Saudi Arabia was banned.

In the Ukrainian market, the price of Egyptian onions is quite competitive.

At the moment, traders say that Egyptian onions in Ukraine are sold for about 34-36 US cents per kg in the port of Odessa on DAP terms; however, some deals are possible at an even lower price.

Saudi Arabia is traditionally one of the largest markets for onions from Egypt, consuming more than 200 thousand tons of Egyptian onions per year.

Russia is the second largest market to which Egypt exports, with about 70 thousand tons of onions per year.

About 50 thousand tons of Egyptian onions are also sold in the UAE.

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