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Estonian farmers can expect good harvest

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Total production of wheat, rye, mixed grains, triticale, barley and oats in Estonia in MY 2017/18 is forecast to amount to 1.26 million MT.

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Estonia is a net exporter of grains except for corn and triticale and became an important player on the wheat trade market in the last four years.

For MY 2016/17 total grain exports decreased as a result of supply shortages due to a very bad harvest.

For MY 2017/18 Estonian wheat export potential is forecast higher than in the previous year.

Estonian farmers can expect good harvest for MY 2017/18. In late autumn 2016 plant health was reported well.

Weather conditions have been favorable for grain plantings so far, and at the end of March 2017 no winterkills were reported.

The yield forecast is closer to average yields without extreme weather conditions. It is forecast that total grain production will increase to 1.3 million MT, 35 percent more than last year.

The higher grain production forecast comes out from a more average level of yield expectations, much larger than in the very bad harvest of MY 2016/17.

The acreage of grain plantings is forecast lower than the previous year by 1.7 percent.

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