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EU eyes new food safety measures after egg scandal

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The European Union said it will take more measures against food fraud cases after a contaminated eggs scandal touched 24 out of 28 member states this year.

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"Misdoings and fraudulent practices of a few should not have such devastating effects," EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said in a statement after the high-level meeting in Brussels.

The commissioner said the bloc will improve "risk communication" between the member states to make sure the general public learns about such incidents in a "more coherent and swift way".

He warned that a lack of transparency could “eventually lead to destruction of trust in particular [of the] food industry," Andriukaitis added.

The European Commission is planning to present more proposals to an upcoming the Council of the EU meeting on October 9-10.

The measures include creating common risk assessment on incidents, stretching the rapid alert system for food and holding training and regular crisis exercises.

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