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EU to demand UK keep chlorinated chicken ban

Christian Fernsby |
A leaked version of the EU’s negotiating mandate, seen by The Guardian, said the UK must maintain “health and product sanitary quality in the food and agriculture sector” in line with Brussels.

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The new paragraph, reportedly added on the recommendation of French officials, suggests the EU would require the UK to maintain bans on certain food production practices.

It comes after the Environment Secretary George Eustice failed to rule out a ban on importing chlorinated chicken from America after Brexit.

He would only say the Government had “no plans” to allow poultry treated that way into the UK, pointing out that most US producers no longer use that method.

His comments came despite his predecessor, Theresa Villiers, explicitly stating that the ban on chlorine washed poultry and hormone-fed beef would stay in place in any UK-US trade deal.

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