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Eucolait: Brexit will cause great damage to agriculture

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Eucolait, the European Association of Dairy Trade, released its position paper on future EU-UK trade relations.

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Eucolait believes that the UK leaving the EU will cause great damage, economic and otherwise, to both the Union and the United Kingdom, specifically in Ireland.

Eucolait strongly believe there should continue to be open dairy trade, free from tariffs and non-tariff barriers, between the UK and EU.

They see the EU as by far the main market for UK dairy products and an almost exclusive supplier when it comes to UK dairy imports.

According to Eucolait, the Ireland/Northern Ireland border is of particular concern. In 2016 about 800 ml of raw milk crossed the border from the UK to Ireland to be processed.

Moreover, 75% of the processing facilities in Northern Ireland are fully or jointly owned by Irish cooperatives.

Re-establishment of a border, let alone duties, would be extremely harmful to both producers in Northern Ireland and dairies in the Republic of Ireland.

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