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Extreme UK weather could raise food prices 5%

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Food prices could rise by at least 5% in the following months due to the UK's extreme weather this year, a report has found.

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A study from the Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said that the winter freeze and the heatwave could cost households around £7 extra per month. Consumers will feel the rise in future months.

The cold from the Beast from the East and the record temperatures in June, July and August have caused crop failures and put stress on farmers.

Wholesale prices of vegetables have already risen by 80% since the start of the year and meat and dairy products could also be affected since grass for grazing was also affected.

The price of wheat for bread rose by a fifth, strawberries by 28%, carrots by 41% and lettuce by 61%. Dairy production has seen a rise in butter prices of 24% since March.

The CEBR said that even if grass growth returns to normal, the reduced grazing this year will have a lasting impact on the prices of dairy products.

High temperatures have also reduced the fertility of pigs and have caused a rise of 8% in the price of piglets since March.

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