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FAO talks set strategic direction for aquaculture work

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The ninth session of FAO’s Sub-committee on Aquaculture saw a strong focus on working together to overcome challenges facing the global aquaculture sector.

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The week brought together 188 delegates at FAO Headquarters in Rome hailing from 94 countries to take a critical look at how the sector can help achieve the objectives of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable challenges

Throughout the first day, participants were active in discussions, raising challenges countries face in developing sustainable aquaculture, highlighting successes and requesting support and assistance from FAO.

Issues raised by countries during the day of discussion included the need to develop ecosystem approaches to aquaculture and to strengthen spatial management to better balance competing interests for available land and coastlines.

The subject of the importance of implementing the Code of Conduct for responsible Fisheries and Aquaculture as a solution to help build capacity in those nations struggling with its implementation was also raised.

Running in parallel to the COFI Sub-committee on Aquaculture was a separate, but related meeting on SIDS that addresses the development of Blue Growth strategies and aquaculture development in the island nations.

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