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Fiji commits to MSC with at least 75% of long line fishing vessels

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Fiji has pledged to have at least 75% of all long line fishing vessels which are members of the Fiji Fishing Industry Association certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

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The Fijian Ministry of Fisheries believes this will greatly impact the Fijian economy and ensure the health of the local marine environment, as well as being a critical incentive to ensure the traceability of vessels and fish species.

“Fiji’s significant commitment amongst the international community reaffirms our steadfastness in being responsible custodians of the oceans, fish stocks, marine life and its ecosystem for generations to come,” said Anare Raiwalui, executive officer of the Fiji Fishing Industry Association (FFIA).

The MSC has been actively engaged with the Fijian fishing industry since the albacore longline fishery entered pre-assessment in 2007.

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