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Fiji pledged to have at least 75 percent of tuna vessels MSC certified

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The Fiji Fishing Industry Association has pledged to have at least 75 percent of all its long line tuna vessels certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

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The country recently co-hosted the first United Nations Ocean Conference, and the association has made this commitment to ensure that targeted stocks are sustainably managed and to benefit from the eco-labelling of their catch, which they believe will greatly impact the Fijian economy and ensure the health of the local marine environment.

The Fijian Ministry of Fisheries also sees certification as a critical incentive to ensure the traceability of vessels and fish species.

Thirty-four vessels in Fiji’s tuna longline fleet are already MSC certified for albacore tuna and are currently undergoing their second assessment for the renewal of their certificate.

They also plan to extend the certification to include yellowfin tuna and to expand the fishing area to include three high seas next to Fiji’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

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