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First major offshore fish farm to be installed early next year off Norway

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The first major offshore fish farm for the Norwegian company Ocean Farming is being developed by Global Maritime Consultancy and Engineering and is scheduled for installation early next year off Norway.

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This huge offshore structure is said to mark a turning point in fish farming and offers new avenues for development for the companies involved in the project, which are predominantly involved in offshore oil and windfarm development and construction.

Ocean Farming's new pilot facility will be located near the island of Frâya off the Norwegian coast and will be a permanently moored semi-submersible structure with a diameter of 100 and height of 68 metres.

The installation combines the most advanced technologies and expertise from both the Norwegian fish farming industry and the offshore oil and gas sector.

Feasibility studies on the project started in 2012 followed by a model basin model tests to demonstrate the facility's suitability for harsh weather conditions.

The life of the structure is estimated at 25 years and it is designed to survive ship collisions and extreme tidal conditions.

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