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Floods in Western Australia cause grape growers multimillion dollar losses

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Grape growers in Swan Valley, Australia are facing multimillion-dollar losses after vineyards in the valley were hit hard by floods.

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Hundreds of tonnes of wine and table grapes were wiped out after the Swan River burst its banks, drowning vines and infrastructure, The WestAU reports.

Grape Growers Association of WA president, Darryl Trease, said he expected losses across the region to run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Mr Trease said he was “gutted” yesterday after his entire crop in Herne Hill, due to be harvested next week, was ruined. The floods were so bad some residents were using kayaks to get around.

“I'd call this the 100 year flood ... which we probably won't see again in our lifetime,” Vineyard owner Eric Lembo said.

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