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Foot and mouth disease affects cattle in eastern Zambia

Christian Fernsby |
Foot and mouth disease has broken out in two districts of eastern Zambia, with over 1,000 animals affected so far, state-run news agency reported.

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The highly contagious viral disease has broken out in Vubwi and Lundazi districts, forcing the government to restrict the movement of animals in the two areas, the Zambia News and Information Service quoted provincial permanent secretary Buleti Nsemukila as saying.

He said 600 animals have been affected in Lundazi district while 412 have been infected in Vubwi.

He did not reveal if there have been any deaths.

The official has directed law enforcement agencies manning road blocks to demand livestock movement permits from all vehicles carrying animals, adding that vehicles where drivers fail to produce the required documents should be impounded.

He further advised farmers to be alert and report suspicious cases of the disease to the nearest veterinary officers in an effort to contain the situation.

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