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Foot and mouth disease seen in Russia, response was fast

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Russia has reported a single outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle in Vladimir region, West Russia.

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According to the disease report, 90 of 800 cattle showed clinical signs and the virus was confirmed as FMD serotype Asia-1 on the 16/10/2016 at the OIE reference laboratory in Vladimir.

The full sequence has not been provided yet, but when known may give an indication of the source. Disease control measures including vaccination have been put in place.

Russia has been declared as FMD free without vaccination across most of the country since 2015 and this is the first outbreak in this free area since then. Some other Russian regions, bordering FMD endemic countries or where livestock herding takes place have unknown status.

Nevertheless, there have been no other outbreaks of FMD Asia-1 reported to the OIE system this year from neighbouring countries.

However, various strains of virus, FMD A, O and Asia-1 have been reported in the last few years from the Middle East, particularly Turkey which is one the few countries in this region which does make regular reports.

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