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France passes bill ordering cameras in slaughterhouses

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The new French bill requires slaughterhouses to install CCTV cameras across all areas, including in lairages and on the killing floor, by 2018.

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A trial will take place this year to inform how the technology will be rolled out across the board.

Those caught inflicting unlawful cruelty on animals could face one year in prison.

Animal Aid – one of the UK’s leading animal protection organisations – is calling on George Eustice MP, Minister for DEFRA, to bring forward similar measures to ensure the use of independently-monitored CCTV becomes mandatory in UK slaughterhouses, in an effort to combat unlawful animal cruelty.

"We have reason to believe lawbreaking is a widespread problem in UK slaughterhouses, potentially worse than the situation in France which resulted in legislation being passed," they said.

Animal Aid said it has uncovered unlawful practices being conducted in 9 out of 10 UK abattoirs investigated.

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