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French consumers created new milk and its price

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A new brand of milk launching in French supermarkets was based on consumers' preferences for farmgate price, animal feed and packaging.

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Carrefour is trialling a new brand designed in accordance with the votes of a panel of 6,000 consumers.

The 1l cartons of UHT milk are going on sale this week in Paris and the French Alps, before rolling out to the chain’s 5,200 stores across the country next month.

Consumers were polled on the price they wanted farmers to be paid for the milk and a majority chose 39c/l, described as sufficient to earn a living and “allowing the producer to pay for a replacement when taking time off”.

Only 3% voted for farmers to be paid at world prices, or 27c/l, described as “unprofitable”.

Consumers also overwhelmingly opted for milk sourced in France, from cows spending at least three months out on pastures and fed GM-free feed grown within 100km of the farms.

As voters filled out the online survey, the resulting retail price updated in real time. Their final choice will cost 99c/l on the shelf, as opposed to 70c to 90c/l for unbranded milk.

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