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French lettuce in economic crisis, prices collapsed

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According to Agreste, the statistical service of the Agriculture Ministry, despite coming out of a good period with high prices in January and February, lettuce prices collapsed at the beginning of spring.

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The frost over the winter limited production, but the mild weather in March revived lettuce harvests. Overproduction invaded the shelves and demand was not high enough.

Prices therefore plummeted 18% below the prices recorded at the same time in 2016. Agreste explains that “Lettuce is declared to be in an economic crisis since the 23rd March”.

Over the 2016-2017 season, the winter lettuce harvest is estimated to have decreased by 8% to 307 million lettuce heads. The decrease is greatest for cut lettuce.

Batavia, meanwhile, only shows a slight decrease. Acreage has decreased by 5% over the year to 4,200 hectares. Three quarters of the acreage is in the South East.

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