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Georgia Department of Agriculture announces hay exchange program

Christian Fernsby |
The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) has launched an online Hay Exchange program. The online service connects farmers searching for hay to those who have hay available.

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"This summer Georgia farmers have been impacted by sweltering and dry weather conditions, as a result, hay production has been challenging," said Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black. "Our goal for the exchange is to ensure farmers have an efficient and practical way of exchanging such a routinely-used agricultural product, despite difficult growing conditions."

The Hay Exchange program is another effort of GDA's committed to ensuring Georgia farmers are equipped with the resources they need to be good stewards of their land and livestock.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is not responsible for verifying the information provided and does not manage or guarantee the transactions. Buyers are urged to do their due diligence before making any purchases. Farmers are encouraged to participate by visiting:

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