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Georgia has 1.5 months of wheat reserve, finance ministry say

Christian Fernsby |
Georgia has wheat resources enough for more than a month and more can be imported if necessary for food security, Georgian Finance Minister Lasha Khutsishvili said.

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The price of wheat was "changing rapidly" in both growth and decline directions in the world market, Khutsishvili said, adding there was "no threat" to food security in Georgia at this time.

"Work is ongoing at this point [...] and if there is a high risk that the country will need to import more wheat to strengthen food security, this decision will naturally be taken," cited Khutsishvili as saying.

Earlier this month, the country’s Economy Minister said problems related to the supply of wheat and flour were “neither observed nor expected”, adding it was foreseeable the export tax would be removed and the country would be able to buy wheat “on better terms and for cheaper.”

In 2021 Georgia purchased 367,000 tons of wheat worth $93.5 million, including 338,000 tons worth $87.4 million from Russia and 24.4 thousand tons worth $4.6 million from the United States.

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