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Ghana set to promote agricultural production through science

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A national consultative workshop on developing a roll-out plan for the implementation of the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (S3A) to help transform the agricultural sector, through science has been held in Accra.

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The S3A, an initiative designed under the auspices of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), and sanctioned by the African Union Commission and NEPAD Agency in 2012 has the vision for science-driven transformation of Africa’s agriculture.

S3A is also regarded as the “game–changer for the Continent’s agricultural transformation agenda, and its implementation within the countries would create favourable policy environment for science, enhance capacity strengthening mechanisms, promote financing arrangements, and support innovation platforms in advancing agricultural transformation.

Ghana is among the first five model countries including, Rwanda, Senegal, Egypt and Malawi, that have been selected to pilot the S3A initiative to ensure the application of science in transforming agriculture to help achieve the vision that states that “By 2030, Africa is food secured, a global scientific player, and the world’s breadbasket”.

Therefore, the consultative workshop, attended by professionals and experts in science and applied sciences, at the four-day workshop which ended on Friday, was to discuss and roll-out an implementation that would allow science drive agriculture in Ghana.

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