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Horses in Norway slaughtered because of drought crisis

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This summer's drought has made it difficult to obtain enough forage for animals, and due to higher prices more horse owners have to slaughter their horses, public broadcaster NRK reported.

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"Last month there were almost daily requests from desperate horse owners who did not know what to do, and the reason was the tragic drought," Norwegian butcher Jens Eide told NRK.

"It is so tragic, it is so demanding, and the farmers who are to deliver the other animals deliver them far earlier than they should, because the animals have not reached slaughter age," Eide said. "But when there is not enough food, they must be slaughtered."

"With horse, there is another challenge, because they are pets that make them friends in a completely different way," Eide added.

Horse owner Linn Elisabeth Eidsaa has barely collected enough food for her 40 horses at a very high cost and has seen that many horse owners now put their horses for sale.

"Everyone wants the animals to live, but if you do not get food, it is a better choice than letting them starve," she said.

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