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Hungary and Lebanon met to discuss expansion of agrarian trade

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The deputy agriculture ministers of Hungary and Lebanon met in Budapest on Wednesday to discuss opportunities for the expansion of agrarian trade between the two countries.

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Following his negotiations with Lebanese Deputy Minister of Agriculture Louis Lahoud, István Nagy indicated that in addition to milk industry products, Hungary primarily regards it important to increase the exports of plant-based Hungarian food industry products with a higher level of processing.

At the meeting, it was stated that both countries see an opportunity in the expansion of agricultural foreign trade relations, and would like to already develop cooperation in the short term.

The bilateral and mutually beneficial trading of several products was discussed, as a result of which the marketing of honey, wine, processed milk products, as well as olives and tropical fruits, could be realised between the two countries.

Nagy highlighted the fact that Hungary’s premium wine products could be extremely competitive in Lebanon, adding that Hungarian honey is recognised worldwide and outstanding quality acacia honey is a nationally protected Hungaricum product.

A significant proportion of our honey production is made up of acacia honey, which is relatively rare within the European Union, and is a competitive export product that is also in high demand on international markets. he explained.

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