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Illegal pesticides found in Swedish food

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During the course of investigating for a new book, Miljödieten (The Environmental Diet), researchers found that 22 of the world's most dangerous pesticides had ended up in foods sold in Sweden in recent years.

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They said that Sweden's national food agency, Livsmedelsverket, had found traces of the banned chemicals, but had not raised the alarm because the levels discovered did not exceed the agency's agreed limits

However other experts speaking to Miljödieten said that the illegal pesticides were dangerous even in tiny quantities, with some of them even able to interfere with hormones and affect fertility.

According to Miljödieten, the banned pesticides found in Sweden were mainly discovered in food imported from outside the European Union.

However some vegetables grown on European soil were also affected, including oranges from Spain, apples from Belgium, grapes from Greece and cucumbers from the Netherlands.

Livmedelsverket admitted to the book's researchers that banned chemicals had been discovered in around 150 cases in the last five years, but the agency insisted it was working hard to reduce exposure to dangerous substances in Sweden.

"The number of incidents that contain such high levels that they are harmful to us humans is declining," said Petra Fohgelberg, a leading food inspector.

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