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Increase in dog attacks on livestock costs UK farmers millions

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare has revealed an increase in dog attacks on livestock which is costing farmers millions of pounds and causing great distress.

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In a ground breaking report, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare) has released new data on dog attacks on livestock which shows the growing problem of incidences of livestock worrying by dogs.

Members of the group including chair Angela Smith MP, Lord de Mauley, an ex DEFRA minister and Neil Parish, Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee said: "Most dog owners are responsible and we want to encourage dog walking, but actually the report shows most attacks are caused by unaccompanied dogs.

"The Group feels more needs to be done to educate owners of the risks of dog attacks, we need better recording by police forces and better advice needs to be available for farmers to use preventative tools and take low cost litigation against irresponsible dog owners who are costing their industry."

The APGAW report has recommended that more is done to ensure dog owners recognise the risk their dog may pose to other animals so they can take measures to prevent incidents such as ensuring dogs cannot escape from the home, using the lead where needed, looking out for signs warning of grazing livestock and attending training classes.

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