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Indian government offering 50% subsidy for onion storage construction

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With the aim of reducing the rotting of onions due to lack of sufficient storage facility in the region, farmers will get about a 50 per cent subsidy to construct storage capacity at the farm levels.

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This will be the horticulture department's second effort to encourage farmers to build storage facilities at the farm level to reduce damage.

The scheme for the year 2016-2017, expiring on March 31, failed to attract farmers due to the non-friendly design of the storage chamber approved by the department.

"The state has suffered huge losses due to poor rates of onions this season and insufficient storage facilities at the farm level.

Keeping this in mind, the department is encouraging farmers to construct storage facilities at the farm levels," said horticulture department (Indore) deputy director D R Jatav.

Farmers will get a subsidy of Rs 1.75 lakh and Rs 87,500 for constructing multi commodity storage of 50 tonne and 25 tonne respectively.

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