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Indonesian crude palm oil export surges

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Shipment of crude palm oil (CPO) from Indonesia to overseas rose significantly last year as demand from foreign nations up, Indonesian palm oil association said.

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Secretary general of the association Togar Sitanggang said the country's CPO export grew 21 percent to 32.184 million ton last year.

The hike of demand comes from China, the United States, India, Africa, the European Union, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

"The demand of CPO will keep rising along with the growth of the world's economy," he told a press conference at the association headquarters.

As a result, Indonesia's CPO production grew 18 percent to 41.98 million tons last year, said Sitanggang.

Indonesia is the world's largest producer of crude palm oil, followed by Malaysia.

But Indonesia's productivity of palm oil plantation remains below that of Malaysia, and the government is taking efforts to boost the productivity, Sitanggang said.

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