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Italy giving 5 million euros for pigs

Christian Fernsby |
Thus the Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies Teresa Bellanova comments on the agreement reached in the State Regions Conference on the decree that provides for the allocation of the resources of the National Pig Fund with a total budget of 5 million euros.

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"We need to work together to make the Italian pig industry stronger, especially in this market phase.

"The 5 million euro national pig fund provided for in the agricultural emergency decree is an additional tool in this direction to work on supply chain contracts, innovation in the valorisation of meat, strengthening of transparency in price formation in the single national commissions of the sector, and then we want to work on the consumer, informing him more and better with an institutional campaign and also involving large scale retail trade.

The fund provides:

a) granting of contributions for the purchase and installation of machines for the automatic evaluation of pig carcasses Image-meater and AutoFOM, in order to enhance the national meat and guarantee a more objective transparency in the formation of value. For this activity, 3 million euros are allocated;

b) financing of institutional communication campaigns and information and promotion activities for consumers functional to the investment activities of this decree and aimed at enhancing the pig supply chain and in particular the production of PDO ham. 1.5 million euros are earmarked for this activity;

c) support for the strengthening of transparency in the determination of indicative prices by the single national commissions of the pig sector, through the strengthening of the acquisition and analysis of objective market data and the updating of the estimation equation, also with use of advanced software and agreements with universities and research centers. 0.5 million euros are earmarked for this activity.

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