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Jamaican farmers could tap multibillion organic market

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Jamaican farmers are missing out on the multibillion market for organically grown food in the U.S., according to Neil Curtis, founder of Farm Up Jamaica.

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Curtis wants them to start targeting that niche market in a purposeful way. Using Farm Up Jamaica as a vehicle for promoting organic farming, Curtis is also highlighting other long-term benefits of this approach to the economy, humans and the environment, The Gleaner reports.

Farm Up Jamaica promises comprehensive assistance to organic farmers, from start-up to land preparation and securing local and overseas markets.

These include reduction of the food import bill, creation of green jobs and production of healthful, nutritious food.

Curtis pointed out that given Jamaica's relatively small, arable land space, it was not practical to try to compete with countries such as Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Instead, he wants Jamaican farmers to produce for the US organic niche market, where they command premium prices.

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