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Japan wants 37 countries to lift Fukushima food restrictions

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The Japanese government announced its hope that 37 countries, including China and South Korea, would lift the embargo on food imports from the affected region.

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Japanese Foreign Minister, Fumio Kishida pledged to "continue working" to remove the restrictions that were imposed as a result of emissions from the plant that polluted surrounding areas and affected agricultural, livestock and fishery products.

Japan had also temporarily banned the domestic sale and consumption of various products from Fukushima after detecting radioactive contamination levels in them.

However, authorities, wholesalers and retailers, imposed a strict chain of radiation controls on fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to certify safety.

Economic daily Nikkei reported that the recovery experienced in Japan in wholesale prices of fresh products from Fukushima, reflects how the stigma that weighs over the region has been decreasing among Japanese consumers.

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