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Japan-Australia ag trade soars, table grape sales up 1025%

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The free trade agreement between Australia and is aided by a promotion of Australian food in Japan's Prince hotel chain which promotes the products of 50 Australian exporters.

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The first figures to emerge since the free trade agreement with Japan came into effect in January, show that Australian exporters have been quick off the mark to take advantage of the reduced barriers, The Australian reports.

In the first six months of this year — compared with the corresponding period in pre-FTA days last year — sales of table grapes soared 1025 percent to $6.5 million, asparagus sales are up 41 percent to $14m, almonds up 1058 percent to $4m and fresh Valencia oranges are up 77 percent to $4m.

Japan is Australia’s second-biggest trading partner after China. Australian exports to Japan in 2014 reached $48.3 billion and Japan now buys 18.2 percent of all Australian exports, and has invested $175bn in Australia, $66bn of it directly in projects and businesses.

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