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Jordanian exporters stop vegetables exports to UAE as ban kicks in

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Jordanian exporters of agricultural produce have stopped exporting several types of vegetables to the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries as a ban on some of Jordan’s produce came into force.

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Enforcement of the UAE’s decision to ban the import of seven of Jordan’s main types of vegetables started on May 15, according to Zuhair Jweihan, president of the Jordan Exporters and Producers Society for Fruits and Vegetables.

Despite the ban, some Jordanian exporters are still planning to export lettuce via air cargo to the UAE, arguing that their produce is free from pesticide residues, Jweihan noted.

“If the Emirati authorities carry out checks on the imported Jordanian vegetables and find that they are free from pesticide residue, then what would stop them from allowing the produce in?” Jweihan asked.

Since the UAE announced its decision, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced several measures to regulate the application of pesticides and the testing of produce for pesticide residues. Such measures included banning the use of a certain pesticide on some crops, such as eggplant, cauliflower and lettuce among others.

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