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Maersk will be the only company that will transport bananas from Ecuador to China

Christian Fernsby |
Sergio Murillo, the president of the Association of Private Port Terminals (Asotep), announced that two of the three shipping services that go to China directly would no longer arrive in Ecuadorian ports.

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Richard Salazar, executive director of Acorbanec (Banana Marketing and Export Association), confirmed that Maersk will be the only line that will carry cargo directly from Ecuador to China, as CMA-CGM and ONE have decided to work from other countries, such as Panama, due to the accumulation of containers in Chinese ports.

According to Murillo, the transshipment of Ecuador by this route may not be as feasible for exporters, as it would extend the travel time by about 10 days and increase freight costs. In addition, this would impact banana exports, the country's main agricultural export product, as it could affect the ripening of the fruit.

So far the price of the banana box hasn't been affected by the crisis in China.